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Drowning Creek is unique in the Sandhills because it is an undisturbed waterway. Native species of animals and plants have lived there for thousands of years. Landowners have hunted and fished in harmony with the land and the creek. Now, as Moore County faces increasing development, the clean waters we know as Drowning Creek are at risk of pollution and degradation. The Sandhills Area Land Trust (SALT) has recognized the importance of the Drowning Creek Watershed. In conjunction with the North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund and the Conservation Trust for North Carolina, SALT has developed the Drowning Creek Legacy to work with landowners to protect the unique features of Drowning Creek forever. Won’t you join with us to insure that Drowning Creek, as we know it now, will be protected? By working together, we can be sure that, when this creekside property is passed on to future generations, they will have land for hunting and fishing and will have clean water to drink.

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