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PO Box 2614, Southern Pines NC 28388
(910) 692-2610
Dana Carroll, Coordinator


The thought that Drowning Creek may soon be polluted and eroded seems remote. There are many areas, such as Drowning Creek, that are much as they were 50 or more years ago. But as change and development occur, it is evident that this growth can affect all properties “downstream”. Increasing development in Moore and Richmond Counties indicate that this is a real possibility if landowners and conservation groups do not work together. While these changes can happen very rapidly (trees cut, land cleared, buildings and roads built), to return that land to the condition it is in today could take generations to accomplish, if it is possible at all.

We can protect Drowning Creek as we know it today, if we act NOW. The Sandhills Area Land Trust, with funding from the North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund, has created the Drowning Creek Legacy to help landowners (and potential landowners) be aware of options they may use to preserve property bordering Drowning Creek and its tributaries. Landowners along the Drowning Creek Watershed are in a unique and special position to help protect this pristine waterway.

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