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Dana Carroll, Coordinator


There are several options open to those who are considering placing a conservation easement on their property. Each easement can be tailored to the needs of each individual landowner's needs. Some of the options available include:

  • The sale of a conservation easement, while you retain ownership of your land, providing you with money and use of the land;
  • The donation of a conservation easement, providing you with tax benefits, while retaining the use of your property;
  • The donation of the land bordering the creek to Clean Water Management Trust Fund, again providing you with tax benefits;
  • The sale of land to Clean Water Management Trust Fund; or
  • A “Bargain Sale” where you sell a portion of the land and donate the rest, receiving tax benefits and income.

Regardless of the what option works best for the landowner, they will retain the ownership of the property and can still use their land for "quiet enjoyment" of that property. As long as they refrain from doing anything destructive to the water quality, they may continue to enjoy their water front property as they have been accustomed to. Benefits abound for the landowner, their descendants, the water quality, and all those who care about retaining the beauty and integrity of nature in our area.

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